Learn Daily. Live Intentionally.


Cat documents weddings with an approach that fuses thoughtful photojournalism and effortless artistic direction. Her ability to capture genuine and unexpected moments allows for an experience rooted in authenticity.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a dual-degree in Psychology and Business, Cat pursued a career in photography. She has spent the past decade traveling abroad capturing weddings, interiors, and documentary travel and lifestyle content.

In addition to her love of photography, Cat is inspired by her passion for books, travel, and new experiences. When she's not on the road, Cat divides her time between her offices in Colorado and Florida, where she can be found enjoying the company of her husband, Patrick, and their beloved cockapoo, Rocky.

Capturing your wedding invites me into an alternative world for a fleeting day – inspiring me to be curiously present, and allowing me the opportunity to guide you through my lens of adventure.

A wedding day is reminiscent of a cinematic experience – the opening title sequence with a gorgeous landscape, intimate snippets of the couple getting ready, the building tension of guests arriving, the joyful celebration during the ceremony, and an epic dance party to end the festivities. Every moment builds into the honesty and joy of your day – genuine expressions and unprompted emotions.  

I believe in embracing the present while revering the past.