Cat is an internationally published wedding photographer based in Colorado.

Inspired by beauty and honest imagery, her couples' love for one another is at the forefront of her work. Her ability to capture genuine moment allow her clients to be fully present, at ease, and enveloped in the joy of their wedding day. She focuses on the needs and personalities of her couples in order to customize the photography experience.

Her preferred medium is film, which she loves for its timeless nature. Her favorite locations are landscapes that play a key role in the story of the day. And she loves documenting celebrations that are overflowing with happiness.

In her free time, you can find Cat at home in Colorado Springs with her husband, reading the latest bestseller or planning her next adventure. She's a Francophile, a self-proclaimed scholar (with a dual-degree in business and psychology), a fitness enthusiast, and could be described as Type A (or enneagram 8w7). 


I was fortunate enough to meet my best friend (and now husband, Patrick) when I was eighteen. The moment we met, we both knew that we would be in each other's lives forever. Our relationship is everything, and I am my best self around him. As a wedding photographer, I strive to create a space for my couples to immerse themselves in that feeling of being together and being their happiest.


the heart

crested butte, colorado

ashley + michael

“I have been blown away by how much Cat truly cares and wants nothing more than for our day to be special and unique.”


I'd be delighted to chat with you about what you envision for your wedding and what you hope for in the photographs from that special day. Reach out here and let's get the conversation going.

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