The most beautiful memories captured on camera come from unscripted moments of joy rooted in connection. When you lean into savoring each moment, your love will be documented in the most natural and purest form.

Milestone memories that you never want to forget, and fleeting moments that almost passed you by unnoticed—each moment reflects your relationship and is true to you. The distinctive imagery created that day should do the same with the ability to let you relive and celebrate your day for years to come.



Cat’s organization and attention to detail leading up to the wedding day puts you at ease and creates a feeling of comfort and warmth that comes through in her imagery. She guides you and complements your energy, so you feel natural and authentically yourself in front of the camera.

Fully immersing herself in your day allows her to intentionally observe and document the moments that unfold naturally while you’re enjoying the company of loved ones.



Photography has remained a constant throughout Cat’s life. This passion has taken her places near and far – capturing wildlife in the African Sahara, rugged landscapes in New Zealand, and street style in fashion capitals worldwide.

After nearly a decade of professional experience behind the lens, her devotion for documenting genuine moments has led her to become the world-renowned wedding photographer she is today.